• Business Transformation Consulting

    Profitable businesses are relentless in their pursuit of greater "RETURNS FROM THE BUSINESS" and take their company to new heights.
    Using LotusBudh's Business Transformation Consulting, struggling companies may become "The Winners". This is accomplished by establishing a business dedicated to achieving the most significant outcomes possible by carefully adhering to the best practices in the industry.
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​Three Tangible Outcomes​

Business Process Consulting

End to End business process consulting on new age proven processes which can help accelerate business growth. Our comparative research and industry best practices will make your business efficient and digital.

Digital Platform

A digital platform to perform all business processes. We would introduce you to platform which will act as an operating system for your business. Our team will train you on this platform too.

ISO Certification

An roadmap to achieve ISO or CMMI certified business category in short spam of time

Who is this for?

We are focused on small and medium businesses which believe that international standard business processes can help accelerate there growth multifold, speak to us today if you are

  • You are an SME with less than 50 full-time equivalents (FTE) staff and less than € 2 Million in revenue/turnover business; priority will be given to companies with a social impact as the key theme for their business.
  • You are entirely independent, i.e., if you have no participation in other companies and no other company has participated in yours.
  • You are an startup and already have prototype ready to hit the road.
  • You must be able to complete the transformation program within 10– 20 weeks of SoW sign off.
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LotusBudh Business Transformation Consulting is about creating a competitive edge by implementing strategic changes and continuously improving performance across a business.

Are you a small business with less than 50 employees and up to €2 million annual turnover?

We offer a complete solution that covers every essential feature needed for commercial success, from sales inventories to marketing campaigns to customer support to human resources recruiting and more — all via LotusBudh Business Transformation Consulting. We can help you achieve remarkable outcomes, such as a 2x-3x increase in growth rate, a 10-20% run-rate reduction in sales expenses, or a 200-400 bps improvement in profits.

Are you struggling to be global business or not being able to attract enough customers? 

As Business Architects, we help organisations integrate agility into their processes, organisational structures, workforce and technological infrastructures to allow for adaptive change to take place more easily. If you want to keep providing world-class capabilities as your business needs evolve, each of these components must operate together seamlessly.

We work with businesses to architect Processes, People, Technology and Governance, which translates to an efficient and profitable business model.

Through our capabilities in Marketing & Sales Automation, Sales to Finance Automation, E-Commerce, Customer Success and Human Resource Management. We will architect and implement end to end front office to back office automation such that your revenue grows, overall management is efficient, and you have an opportunity to innovate further.  Our consulting services will ensure that your company also becomes compliant with quality standards such as QMS - ISO 9001:2015, BCMS - ISO 22301:2019, ITSMS - ISO 20000-1:2018, ISMS - ISO 27001:2013, FFMS - ISO 41001:2018 and CMMI.

What business processes do we transform?

Sales & Marketing Transformation

Your company's sales and marketing operations are what will attract and persuade leads to become customers. It's time to standardize your methods after you've identified ones that work. By following our processes and technology, you can ensure that your operations are carried out consistently and efficiently.

Sales & Marketing

€2.250,00 - €25.000,00
€5.500,00 - €55.000,00
€3.000,00 - €30.000,00

Customer Success Transformation

Customer success process is a framework that helps you to make sure that your customers understand your products easily, and improves your capacity to respond to issues, questions and feedbacks much quicker. A customer success process is a better version of customer service because of its speed, effectiveness and that it places you a step ahead of your customers. We would help you adopt to the gold standard of Customer Relationship Management and Customer Service.

Finance Management process consulting

Financial procedures are the backbone of your companies well being. You are obliged to conform to the rules in your nation, and in addition, you need to keep the rest of your business functioning. Businesses must submit tax returns and end-of-year financial statements, and having robust systems in place for these operations reduces the risk of non-compliance. Through the program we would consult you a integrated process for easy to use financial systems which helps you manage hassles of Quote, Invoice, Sales Orders, Vendors and Inventory 

€2.500,00 - €22.500,00
€2.500,00 - €23.000,00

Human Resource process consulting

People are your company's most valuable asset, making hiring to retire the most important of all business processes. It's not just about enhancing your people's workflows; it's about improving the company's overall experience; a happy employee will create a satisfied customer. As a result, it's no surprise that this area contains the most processes that any company needs. We would help you with the critical principles of hiring, assessment, onboarding, and offboarding.

E-Commerce and Website consulting

Your product or services should be available online 24X7 for customers to checkout. LotusBudh E-Commerce and Website Implementation can help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) quickly broaden their customers compared to traditional companies by

  • Increasing Revenue
  • Gaining access to a larger customer base
  • Increasing the effectiveness of operations
  • enhancing the level of satisfaction of customers
€4.000,00 - €50.000,00

Business Process Automation

Our services on Business Process Automation will enable your business to automate tedious, data-heavy, time-consuming procedures and to simplify operations involving integration and communication between different business and IT environments. BPA is applicable to nearly any element of a business, from data entry and data extraction, file transfer and content migration to business application integration and reporting. Depending on the amount and speed of automation a company needs to absorb, BPA can either operate as a solitary instance to automate critical operations and offer instant benefits, or as part of a broader, systematic business process management project.

If your business needs transformation post pandemic speak to us today and we will get your business hitting the road ASAP.

Need help with accelerating your business, lets speak !

Arise, awake and don't stop until the goal is reached.
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