Sales & CRM Automation
Sales & CRM Automation
Sales & CRM Automation
Sales & CRM Automation
Sales & CRM Automation
Sales & CRM Automation
Sales & CRM Automation
Sales & CRM Automation

Sales & CRM Automation

€5.500,00 - €55.000,00

To automate process for Sales Operations. Transforming sales processes for scheduling sales appointments, sending follow-up letters and emails, tracking contacts, and updating sale opportunities so that sales reps are empowered to focus on creating & nurturing leads, close deals & grow your customer relationships. We will enable salespeople to generate estimates quickly and speedily turn them into proposals, quotes, and then orders when a deal is signed.

Routine, manual tasks can eat away at your schedule. Occasionally, contacts will fall through the cracks in your funnel. The time sinks disappear when you can automate contact management, lead scoring, deal and pipeline monitoring, and job tracking. Your entire sales process will run more easily with a sales automation CRM.

The following are some of the things that a sales CRM may help with:

  1. No more digging through emails, business cards, and clunky CRMs
  2. Contact management makes sure no sales contacts slip through the cracks
  3. Lead scoring tells you which leads to focus on and when to wait
  4. Connect with Gmail, Outlook, or another email provider
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Sales automation enables companies to standardize and automate the entire sales process, from prospecting to closing to relationship nurturing. From automated lead research and contact management to reporting and team analytics, some automation provides an end-to-end experience. On the other hand, some automation specializes in a specific task or part of the sales process such as automated meeting scheduling, lead research, and more. 

We would implement below processes for enhancing Sales process within organisation 

  1. Create and Manage Opportunity
  2. Convert & Route Lead
  3. Deal Registration and Consultant Tracking
  4. Sales Enablement for Sales Consultants
  5. Forecast Sales and Revenue Management
  6. Manage Customer Accounts for lifetime and Audit cycle
  7. Digital signatures automation across board 
  8. Instant Proposal generation and Management
  9. Opportunity management support
  10. Email and Task reminders
  11. Theme based personalization of templates and documents
  12. Channel Partner access to CRM

Features to expect post implementation of technology

  1. Connect with your customers wherever they are
  2. Save more time with automation
  3. Get real-time reports and insights
  4. Conversational AI for smarter selling

Sales Metrics you should keep a track

  1. Sales Growth
  2. Sales Target
  3. Sales Opportunities
  4. Sales Cycle Length
  5. Sales by Region
  6. Sales per Rep
  7. Sales Cost Ratio
  8. Sales Per Employee
  9. Sales Pipeline Coverage (SPC)
  10. Opportunity by Stages
  11. Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
  12. Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  13. Quote To Close Ratio
  14. Lead conversion Rate
  15. Lead Response Time
  16. Monthly Sales Bookings
  17. Monthly Sales Growth
  18. Monthly Calls (or emails) Per Sales Rep
  19. Monthly New Leads
  20. Average Purchase Value
  21. Average Profit Margin
  22. Average Cost Per Lead
  23. Average Conversion Time
  24. Product or Services Performance
  25. Time Spent Selling
  26. Opportunity Win Rate
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