Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

€2.250,00 - €25.000,00
To implement an automated marketing process across Email, Social Media, SMS, Web, Advertising and Campaigns. We will create a process which is easy to manage, automated for insights and keep client relevant in their Campaign to Lead process.

Campaign to Lead process will have below areas of implementation within the organization
  • Contact Management
  • Campaign and Communication Management
  • Campaign Planner with ROI
  • Lead Management
  • Survey Management
  • Analytics via Insightful Reports
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Product Details
Making a marketing campaign stand out in a world where customers are inundated with marketing messages from all sides has become more challenging than ever. Marketing departments are increasingly under pressure to develop more inventive concepts that are larger and better than what their rivals are doing. However, juggling this with day-to-day marketing efforts is difficult.

Marketing automation assists you in identifying new clients and automating the process of nurturing those leads to the point where they are ready to be sold to. It automates steps that lead prospects to the stage where they may be addressed directly by the sales team to make a deal and begin a long-term relationship, and the data it collects can help you decide which marketing techniques to use.

Marketing automation does this by dramatically increasing the productivity of your sales funnel, allowing you to swiftly convert a large number of leads into satisfied customers using a variety of methods.

Lead generation is a crucial stage in every company's development. Your team will have more time to focus on overall strategy and nurturing the prospects that show actual potential by automating several phases in the process, from marketing to sales. This translates to more leads and customers.

Marketing automation will provide you with a deeper, more complete picture of potential consumers' behavior. Marketing automation software will assist your marketing team in understanding a prospect's interests and where they are in the purchase lifecycle by using behavioral tracking methods such as tracking a user's route around your website. They can then tailor any follow-up depending on those findings.

Features to expect post implementation of technology
  1. Multi Channel Lead Management (Advertisement, Calls, Web Forms, SMS, Social Media and Webinars)
  2. Web Behavior Marketing via visitor tracking
  3. Engagement Marketing via journey builders
  4. Custom Workflows
  5. Autoresponders
  6. Lead Insights & Analytics
  7. Marketing planner with ROI
  8. Insightful Reports
Marketing KPIs to track post implementation of technology
  1. Top Metrics to bring impact
    1. Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL)
    2. Sales Qualified Leads (SQL)
    3. Funnel Conversion Rates
    4. Brand awareness
    5. Customer engagement
    6. Marketing spend per customer
    7. Return on marketing investment
    8. Lifetime value of a customer (LTV)
    9. Customer acquisition cost (CAC)
    10. Customer retention
  2. Digital Marketing Metrics
    1. Returning Visitor Metric
    2. First Visit Metric
    3. Brand Awareness Metric
    4. Return on Marketing Investment (ROI)
    5. Incremental Sales
    6. Web Traffic Sources
    7. Purchase Funnel
    8. Total Visits
    9. Customer Attrition
    10. Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)
    11. Lifetime Value: Customer Acquisition Cost (LTV:CAC)
    12. Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
    13. Click Through Rate (CTR)
    14. Response Rate
    15. Funnel Conversion Rate
    16. Marketing Originated Customers
    17. Average Time on Page
    18. Content Downloads
    19. Unique Visitors
    20. Pageviews per Session
    21. Cost per Action (CPA)
    22. Customer Share by Category
    23. New Leads Generated
    24. Lead Conversion Rate
    25. Newsletter Signup Conversion Rate
    26. Website Traffic Lead Ratio
    27. Average Lead Score
    28. Net Promoter Score
    29. Keyword Performance
    30. Cost Per Lead
  3. Social Media Marketing Metrics
    1. Twitter Engagement Metrics
    2. Twitter Followers Metric
    3. Facebook Page Like Metric
    4. Facebook Engagement Metrics
    5. Followers Growth KPI
    6. Social Traffic and Conversions
    7. Social Shares
    8. Social Followers
    9. YouTube Channel Subscribers
    10. Instagram Followers
    11. Facebook Likes
    12. Social Sentiment
    13. Social Visits and Leads
    14. New Followers
    15. Twitter Engagement Metrics
  4. Email Marketing Metrics
    1. Email Forwards
    2. Unsubscribes
    3. Email Marketing Statistics
    4. Email Website Traffic Metrics
    5. Email Subscribers Metrics
    6. Email Marketing Engagement Score

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