• Economy Emergence 2022

    Our special consulting support package Economy Emergence 2022, will help you achieve a digitally run business along with ISO and CMMI compliant processes. Professional advice, to the value of €2500 inc VAT (100% funded), for small and medium businesses to address key challenges related to Covid-19
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  • Business Accelerators

    Assisting small businesses as business partners in helping transform their business in the post-pandemic era and preparing your business for the next wave of artificial intelligence. We help adopt digital platforms in 90days through this program.
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  • Business Operating System

    We can help accomplish your vision to build a franchise business. We would get your workforce together in a 360-degree view with well-operating processes with the help of the next-gen AI-enabled Technology. Mobility, Scalability and Culture will be the central pillars of your business.
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  • Simplify Automation

    Connect all your business processes and people across Marketing, Sales, Contracts, Commerce, Operations, Finance, Human resources, Service Desk, Communities and many more
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  • ISO Compliant Business

    As industry experts, we would take your brand a notch above your competition by getting your organization ISO standard compliant within your industry and quality management system compliant by implementing processes via thorough digital transformation
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Economy Emergence 2022

We're on a mission to support and automate business operations post-pandemic era. Apply for fully funded Go to Market Transformation consultancy support to develop e-commerce and efficient business operations solutions. We would help you achieve speed and efficiency in business operation as a crucial differentiator.
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On a mission to transform every business

Working in support with governments in Europe to help revive businesses post-pandemic. LotusBudh offers your business the opportunity to digitize and transform your Sales and Marketing. We will work with you to develop and/or improve your online presence. We will give you access to a team of consultants who work with you make your core business process digital and online, such as Marketing, Sales, Financial Book Keeping, E-Commerce and Customer Service.

Our special consulting support package, Emergence 2022, will help you achieve a Digitally run business along with ISO and CMMI compliant processes.

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Our Services

Products in preceding order

€12.000,00 €19.500,00
€4.000,00 - €50.000,00
€2.250,00 - €25.000,00
€5.500,00 - €55.000,00
€2.500,00 - €22.500,00
€3.000,00 - €30.000,00
€2.500,00 - €23.000,00

How does this work?

Make it simple but Significant

Simply put together, we work backwards by deciding the critical KPI for success first that will matter to compete in the digital world. We then choose the services and do the right t-shirt sizing on the amount of transformation required. We then hit the road by implementing technology and change enablement side by side. Finally, we leave the plane in autopilot mode for the business to manage.

  1. We are technology agnostic and do have cost-effective solutions, lowering the Total Cost of Ownership for business owners
  2. Our current offering for organisation size is by the number of FTEs in the organisation and we are currently on focused on small to mid size businesses
  3. We run agile/iterative on implementation and change enablement.
  4. We take 90 working days to finish out of the box LotusBudh Business Transformation Services.
  5. The business will receive an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certificate by the end of the project, and we lay a foundation for other ISO certifications.

Our Offering

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Business Transformation Implementation

We help transform your front office, middle office and back office business operations. We transform your current business processes across Marketing, Sales, Operations, Service Desk and Communities to global industry compliant processes. This results in a efficient collaborative work culture thus amounting to increased revenue and social impact. 

We work with small and mid size business to digitise their business with 4th gen technologies to ensure that they can fight more covids and be part of Artificial Intelligence world. We help set right stage small businesses to scale new heights and we very confidently do Build Operate and Transfer model

ISO Compliant Business

With our help, organizations can achieve ISO compliance, organizations can drive sustainable improvements to their business operation. Organizations can use standards to maintain product consistency and improve service performance. ISO standards are trusted by organizations from across the world, so compliance is also a boost to business reputation. 
ISO standards are trusted by organizations from across the world, so compliance is also a boost to business reputation. 

As a growing business the major differentiator is Quality of Services and ISO compliance matters because it is internationally recognized and can drive clear improvements to business operations. In business, standards are needed to ensure a consistent level of service quality., we would help you achieve that faster.

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Change Enablement and Support

Digital Transformation is not about Technology !

While we build strong and efficient business processes during the transformation journey, we create process catalyst within existing team. We believe any technology implementation is only 40% of journey and the remaining is about team using it at work.

We create a business strategy to leverage insiders to impart technology and business support. We share our expertise and industry best practices to make your people shine within the new setup.

AI & Data Analytics

In business transformation journey, post operating model over hauling and application modernization, comes the next phase to capitalize on the business potential your existing data holds.

We enable organization with best practices and approaches to speed up forward looking decision making. We create data strategy to enable organization prepare for adoption of AI driven Predictive Analytics, Conversational AI and Process Automation. We enable Marketing, Sales, Operation and Service Desk for data first approach.

We prepare organizations for next wave of quantum computing by organizing their primary and transactional data in a relative structural format in cloud. 

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