• Economy Emergence 2022

    LotusBudh continues to help businesses and provide new age digital possibilities for growth while economy recovers. Recover faster with a 80hours worth of consulting package worth €2500 inc VAT (100% funded).
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​Three Tangible Outcomes​

Business Process Consulting

End to End business process consulting on new age proven processes which can help accelerate business growth. Our comparative research and industry best practices will make your business efficient and digital.

Digital Platform

A digital platform to perform all business processes. We would introduce you to platform which will act as an operating system for your business. Our team will train you on this platform too.

ISO Certification

An roadmap to achieve ISO or CMMI certified business category in short spam of time

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Economy Emergence program will assist you with setting global gold standards in process across Sales, Marketing, Finance and Customer Success, which will directly translate into growth and diversity.

Do you want to develop or improve the online visibility of your business?

Please take advantage of consultancy support for the optimization and development of digital platforms, such that it boosts your companies' financial well-being, bringing your country's economy as emergent!

Are you planning to get into e-commerce to be a global business? 

You would need to warm up your underlying process for Customer Success, CRM and Financial Book keeping before you open an online front office. We will support you with digitizing your current processes to an cloud based application infrastructure, which is accessible to you and your customers from any device. 
While doing so we will standardise your business processes to a tune that your company becomes compliant with quality standards such as QMS - ISO 9001:2015, BCMS - ISO 22301:2019, ITSMS - ISO 20000-1:2018, ISMS - ISO 27001:2013, FFMS - ISO 41001:2018 and CMMI. Its a strategy to show world the awesome quality you can deliver.

Who is this for?

This is for businesses which believe that international standard business processes can help accelerate there growth multifold, speak to us today if you are

  • You are an SME with less than 50 full-time equivalents (FTE) staff and less than € 2 Million in revenue/turnover business; priority will be given to companies with a social impact as the key theme for their business.
  • You are entirely independent, i.e., if you have no participation in other companies and no other company has participated in yours.
  • You are an indigenous registered business and must hold a valid Tax Clearance Certificate.
  • You have an established trading history and have a proven track record in your home market. (i.e. minimum 6-18 months trading history)and have a proven track record in your home market. (i.e. minimum 6-18 months trading history)and have a proven track record in your home market. (i.e. minimum 6-18 months trading history)
  • You have an established trading record in cross-border trade, i.e. selling products/ services in the cross-border markets, or have identified a potential opportunity for future cross-border trade.
  • You must be able to complete the Economy Emergence program within 4 – 6 weeks of approval.
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How does Economy Emergence help ?

Economy Emergence is a quick 80hours program to transform the base processes in your business. Culture, Customer Centricity & Technology are the three significant factors that define any businesses quality and growth. We implement a CRM process that automates Sales and Marketing while growing your customer-centricity with every interaction you have. We take this relationship a step ahead by managing the transactions professionally by implementing a Financial Management process and a Customer Success Desk. 

​In summary, Economy Emergence is an intense program to consult small and medium businesses on new age Processes, People Culture and implement Technology for ease of transaction. It will makes your worker experience collaborative and customer experience remarkable.

Sales & Marketing process consulting

Your company's sales and marketing operations are what will attract and persuade leads to become customers. It's time to standardize your methods after you've identified ones that work. By following our processes and technology, you can ensure that your operations are carried out consistently and efficiently.

Customer Success process consulting

Customer success process is a framework that helps you to make sure that your customers understand your products easily, and improves your capacity to respond to issues, questions and feedbacks much quicker. A customer success process is a better version of customer service because of its speed, effectiveness and that it places you a step ahead of your customers. We would help you adopt to the gold standard of Customer Relationship Management and Customer Service.

Finance Management process consulting

Financial procedures are the backbone of your companies well being. You are obliged to conform to the rules in your nation, and in addition, you need to keep the rest of your business functioning. Businesses must submit tax returns and end-of-year financial statements, and having robust systems in place for these operations reduces the risk of non-compliance. Through the program we would consult you a integrated process for easy to use financial systems which helps you manage hassles of Quote, Invoice, Sales Orders, Vendors and Inventory 

Step 1

Apply for Economy Emergence 2022 and wait for your application to be processed and accepted. This will take 2-5working days for approval to process futher

Step 2

Design and Define your To-Be process with help of LotusBudh Consultants, usually 2days to discover your current problem and how do we address them via a quantifiable metric (KPI), the end outcome.

Step 3

Setup and implement out of the box technology for Sales, Marketing, Customer Success and Financial Books. This will take about 3-5 working days depending upon the organsiation setup.

Step 4

Train your employees on new system and define there Key Resolution Area. 2 days of focused hands-on program on detailing the new process. Your commitment is required the most here, because to us this is the glue that sticks everything together.

Step 5

Run your business with new Processes, People and Technology and monitor your organisations performance through defined KPIs. We don't bid adieu after this point, journey just gets started and we are there at every step to help you scale your business organically and systematically.

Schedule for Economy Emergence 2022

The whole Economy Emergence schedule is about 80hours to get the ball rolling to run the business quickly with new Systems, Processes and People. 50% of the scheduled time is allocated for training People on new systems and understanding new KPIs, while the remaining 50% is allocated to system implementation and defining tracking of KPIs. 

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