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    Assisting small businesses as business partners in helping transform their business in the post-pandemic era and prepare your business for the next wave of artificial intelligence. We help adopt digital platforms in 90days through this program.
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Business Accelerator Program

One of the most common reasons small businesses fail to expand and transform is the failure of the business owners to alter something that is consuming their time. Too many people believe that SALES, or the lack thereof, are the problem, yet sales are a sign of success or failure, not the cause.

It's not only about reacting to nebulous variables like economic pressures regarding business turnaround and growth. The dedicated planned expansion entails taking a systematic approach to establishing who you are, what you stand for, and who you serve to reach the business objectives that many people aspire.

People, not businesses, change. For sound effects such as business growth to occur, employees inside the company must do something unusual.
Businesses must adapt to expand. Change begins with the company's owner and leaders. They must start to think and behave per the company's vision (hopes and dreams).

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Create exciting marketing Journeys

Increase your sales

Boost your operational efficiency

Boost the morale of your support staff

Facilitate efficient communication

Make your accounting system more accountable

Foster your team for NexGen transactions

BI/Analytics can help you bring your data to life.

We are passionate about helping businesses turn around and flourish, building healthy ecosystem.
What is Business Accelerator Program?
Our cutting-edge 90-Day Program is practical and hands-on. It's for people who "know" their company can do more but never get around to it or don't know how to do it and need a helping hand just filipin' to do it.
The Business Accelerator Program is a short-term growth program that encourages a few years of growth in a few months. Consider us a boot camp for competitive market preparedness and improving speed in delivery. 90 Day Business Accelerator Program is for start-ups that have progressed past the early phases of development. They've essentially reached "adolescence," which means they can stand on their own two feet but require direction and peer support to mature. A business incubator might be a better option for less established firms that aren't ready for an accelerator.
Expected Tangible Outcomes
We give emerging businesses access to industry best practices and technical resources. As an accelerator, we will link firms with networks of peers from whom you may learn. The goal is for businesses to emerge equipped to function on their own, with a solid presence in their target markets.

Business Process Consulting

End to End business review of current process and then LBC proposes new age proven processes which can help accelerate business growth. Our comparative research and industry best practices will make your business efficient and digital. A few important processes listed below

  1. Marketing Transformation (Campaign to Lead)
  2. Sales & CRM Transformation (Lead to Quote)
  3. Financial Transformation (Quote to Cash)
  4. Business Operations Transformation (Professional Service Automation)
  5. Service Desk Transformation (Issue to Resolution)
  6. Recruitment Transformation (Hire to Retire)
  7. Community Transformation (Customer Success Community)
  8. E-Commerce & Websites (Content Management)

Digital Platform

We would implement a digital platform to perform all business processes agreed through consulting and strategy phases. We would work with various departments and roles within your company, to implement an an operating system for your business. 

Our digital strategy will create an experience for your Customer (CX) and Team (TX), where communication and access to accurate information will be at finger tips and a critical differentiator amongst your competition. Our focus through the implementation will be to create a team-centric culture that delivers a high performance and an Agile, customer-pleasing workforce.

One of the most significant investments your company can make is a positive employee experience. It will result in tangible advantages such as a larger talent pool, better retention, and higher income. It doesn't end there, though. A well-designed employee experience guarantees that your most valuable assets — your team – are prepared for success before, during, and after their time with you.
"Disrupt your ecosystem and beat your competitors in the new Digital Economy."

ISO Certification

An roadmap to achieve ISO or CMMI certified business category in short spam of time.

Obtaining an ISO quality management certification may pay off handsomely in increased efficiency, production, and customer happiness for your company. However, the advantages of ISO extend well beyond your operations to include sales and marketing, strategic planning, and employee engagement.
ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is a non-governmental organization that creates standards to ensure that goods, services, and systems are high quality, safe, and efficient. It necessitates the establishment of defined corporate objectives, the standardization of procedures, and explaining those processes to your staff.
An ISO or CMMI certification will help you achieve and reflect standardization within your ecosystem.
  1. Recognize threats and opportunities
  2. Boost your marketing and sales activities 
  3. Prevent problems from recurring
  4. Boost staff productivity
  5. Strengthen your grip on the company
Who is this for ?

This is for Small and Medium Businesses which believe that standardization and digitization in business processes can help accelerate there growth multifold, speak to us today if you are...

  • You are an SME with less than ~100 full-time equivalents (FTE) staff and less than € 2 Million in revenue/turnover business; priority will be given to companies with a social impact as the key theme for their business.
  • You are an Startup with proof of concept in hand and in revenue making stages of your project; speak to us if you want to accelerate your growth
  • You are entirely independent, i.e., if you have no participation in other companies and no other company has participated in yours.
  • You are an indigenous registered business and must hold a valid Tax Clearance Certificate.
  • You have an established trading history and have a proven track record in your home market. (i.e. minimum 6-18months trading history) 
  • You have an established trading record in cross-border trade, i.e. selling products/ services in the cross-border markets, or have identified a potential opportunity for future cross-border trade.
  • You must be able to complete the Business Accelerate Program within 90Days (~12weeks) of program kick start.
How does Business Accelerate Helps ?

Sales & Marketing Acceleration

Your company's sales and marketing operations are what will attract and persuade leads to become customers. It's time to standardize your methods after you've identified ones that work. By following our processes and technology, you can ensure that your operations are carried out consistently and efficiently.

Customer Success Acceleration

Customer success process is a framework that helps you to make sure that your customers understand your products easily, and improves your capacity to respond to issues, questions and feedbacks much quicker. A customer success process is a better version of customer service because of its speed, effectiveness and that it places you a step ahead of your customers. We would help you adopt to the gold standard of Customer Relationship Management and Customer Service.

Finance Management Acceleration

Financial procedures are the backbone of your companies well being. You are obliged to conform to the rules in your nation, and in addition, you need to keep the rest of your business functioning. Businesses must submit tax returns and end-of-year financial statements, and having robust systems in place for these operations reduces the risk of non-compliance. Through the program we would consult you a integrated process for easy to use financial systems which helps you manage hassles of Quote, Invoice, Sales Orders, Vendors and Inventory 

Human Resource Acceleration

People are your company's most valuable asset, making hiring to retire the most important of all business processes. It's not just about enhancing your people's workflows; it's about improving the company's overall experience; a happy employee will create a satisfied customer. As a result, it's no surprise that this area contains the most processes that any company needs. We would help you with the critical principles of hiring, assessment, onboarding, and offboarding.

Business Operations Acceleration

Business Operational Transformation is not to be confused with operational excellence or improvement. Those phrases allude to attaining high performance through current modes of operation: ensuring that work is completed as it should be to decrease errors, expenses, and delays without fundamentally altering how a job is done. Business Operational Transformation entails devising new methods for completing orders, producing goods, providing customer support, or doing any other task that an organization undertakes. We can help with below

  1. Strategy for operations
  2. Design and execution of a target operating model
  3. Alternatives to traditional service delivery
  4. Improved customer service and operational efficiency
  5. Support for the change process

E-Commerce and Website

Customers love the open, expansive, and perpetually competitive e-commerce market, with 80 percent preferring to buy where they can enjoy seamlessly and linked digital purchasing experiences. Ecommerce is the ultimate equalizer in the business world; any company of any size can flourish and expand online. Of course, e-commerce is beneficial to businesses as well as consumers. It also gives organizations access to a whole new universe of consumer data and insights, which may help them make more effective marketing and product development choices. With each click, a robust e-commerce platform will automatically capture data from digital consumers, allowing businesses to learn more about their customers than ever before.

  1. A smooth and consistent customer experience
  2. Designs that are futuristic
  3. Product information that is detailed and easy to maintain
  4. Online chat and customer service
  5. Post-transaction messages and shipping information
  6. Seamless integration with Shipping Carrier, Payment, Marketing, Analytics, SEO, Accounting, and CRM

Community Transformation

Consider community-building to be a series of incremental collaboration actions, both large and little, that necessitate the company's or original leader's trust. Building a community isn't about what an organization can do; instead, it's about what an organization and a group of dedicated individuals can accomplish together. We can help you accomplish

  1. Build a community of Channel Sales Partner
  2. Community for customers
  3. Self help wiki for Employees
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